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Your trusted guide through the vibrant landscape of Serbia’s SMEs.

Much like a traditional compass, the SME Compass directs you to vital data, intelligence, and insights—empowering you to make informed business decisions. Whether you’re in the private sector, policy-making, finance, or academia, SME Compass offers clarity and direction.

Embark on a journey with us. Explore the data, navigate your decisions, and elevate your competitiveness.


“To empower businesses and decision-makers to seize growth opportunities with informed insights. “


“SME Compass is an up-to-date, interactive platform, rich with essential data and intelligence tailored for SMEs and their stakeholders. “


“SME Compass offers a range of interactive tools, allowing users to dive deep into diverse aspects of SMEs, from their sentiment and performance, through emerging green and digital trends, to financial and employment practices. Discover key trends, set benchmarks, compare with the competition, and track progress.”

SME Compass Index

The SME Compass Index is a pioneering composite index designed to evaluate SME competitiveness. At its core are 9 pillars, each a weighted average of thematically linked indicators, cumulatively encompassing a set of 75 indicators. These indicators are derived from financial reports of over 20,000 businesses, a dedicated SME compass survey encompassing 1,500 firms, and additional datasets from surveys conducted by the Statistical Office. By design, the Index offers a comprehensive, representative snapshot of SME competitiveness, dissecting nuances across varied dimensions: business size, geographic location, and sector of activity.

SME Compass Index 2023 Overview:

The SME Compass Index in 2023 stands at 40.1 out of 100, signaling a lower-mid level of competitiveness and development in Serbia’s SME sector.

Business sentiment


Human resources


Business model


Access to finance


Business environment


Gender equality




Green transformation


Industry 4.0



Surveyed Firms





SME Compass Insighter

The SME Compass Insighter delivers insights into pivotal macro and business trends that define the arena for SMEs. It grants you access to data on employment and salaries, exports by product and market, interest rates and price levels, and a deep dive into businesses’ sentiment and growth perceptions. It provides insights into sector’s production and productivity as well as a granular breakdown of the private sector. The potency of this platform is underscored by its real-time data updates, a rich historical archive, and detail-rich datasets. A unique feature of the Compass Insighter suite is the BizMap: Explore and Connect tool, designed to pinpoint companies aligning with your specific criteria based on their distinct characteristics and geographical footprint.


GDP pc


GDP Growth Q3 (YoY)


Export value €


Export growth


Inflation rate


Intrest rate


Employment rate


Unemployment rate


Net Salary


BizMap firms

Adjust SME Compass to your specific needs

Strategic Navigator


(Compass for decision makers)
SME Compass offers a specialized feature for monitoring the progression of Serbia's overarching strategic documents pertinent to SMEs, including but not limited to the SME Strategy, Industrial Policy Strategy, and Smart Specialization Strategy. With its diverse and regularly updated indicators, SME Compass seamlessly corresponds with the measures and metrics set out in these Strategies' overarching and nuanced objectives. Simplify your strategic oversight and effortlessly and reliably evaluate advancement towards key milestones. Dive deeper to discover more.

Business Benchmarker


(Compass for businesses)
Powerful tool designed for businesses to assess their performance within their sector and against other companies. Discover your enterprise's strengths and potential areas of growth. Understand whether you're at the forefront or need to recalibrate. Compare key metrics such as productivity, profitability, and indebtedness with peer firms. Delve into your business's progress in green transition, digital transformation, and Industry 4.0 benchmarks. Harness these reliable and actionable insights to refine your business decisions and future strategies.



Dive into the significant role Serbia's SMEs play in shaping a sustainable future. Through SME Compass, gain a clear understanding of the private sector's – especially SMEs – contribution towards the 2030 Agenda sustainable development goals. By aligning SME Compass Index indicators with specific SDGs, SME Compass provides a clear roadmap of how SMEs are impacting the larger sustainability vision. Discover the depth of contribution by SMEs to SDGs, illustrating their pivotal impact on local communities and the broader national economy.