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GDP Pulse

GDP Pulse provides a comprehensive examination of a country’s economic health, focusing on the pivotal components and sectors contributing to the GDP. The expenditure approach delves into how exports, imports, investments, government spending, and private consumption each play a role in shaping GDP. From a different angle, the production approach focuses on the key industries powering economic growth, including agriculture, manufacturing and others. Together, these insights provide a clear view of economic trends and facilitate comparisons across EU countries, deepening understanding of both the economic structure and sectoral dynamics.

Key insights include

  • Investigate whether the Serbian economy is growing faster or slower than its counterparts in the EU.
  • Compare which sectors contribute the most to GDP and how different sectors such as agriculture, ICT, and manufacturing perform against similar sectors in other countries.
  • Explore what components—investment, exports, imports, private consumption, and government spending—contribute the most to Serbia’s economy and how this structure compares with other countries in the region.