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Discover SME Compass Insighter

The SME Compass Insighter is an essential tool for navigating the complex macroeconomic and business landscape that affects SMEs. It provides detailed insights through seven interactive dashboards, each designed to enhance informed decision-making. These dashboards explain key macroeconomic and business dimensions: GDP growth, price trends, interest rates, employment and wages, export patterns, and the structure of the private sector. An additional feature, an interactive map, allows users to identify and easily connect to companies based on specific business and financial criteria.

The Insighter is underpinned by robust data, carefully gathered, cleansed, validated, and organized from a variety of authoritative sources. These include domestic sources such as the Statistical Office for national accounts, labor market data, including the Labor Force Survey, as well as the business register. It also encompasses data from the National Bank of Serbia regarding interest rates and prices, the Serbian Business Register for firm-specific financial and status information, and leading international data sources like UN Comtrade for export data and Eurostat for international benchmarking.

This resource ensures that stakeholders have access to up-to-date and relevant data, enabling a granular analysis of the factors that shape the business environment for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Dive into the data and spot the trends that matter.

Price Tracker

Navigate the terrain of price fluctuations with precision. This tool enables overview of the latest and historical shifts in prices across a full spectrum of products in all European countries. Uncover trends where Serbia leads the charge in price changes, or where it follows the continental drift. Discover products experiencing the most rapid price shifts.

  • Is the cost of dining out in Serbia rebounding post-pandemic faster than in other European nations?
  • How does the local price surge for bread and milk compare with trends in nearby countries?

Export Monitor

Discover Serbia’s exports patterns and dynamics, both in terms of products and destination countries. Identify the standout products gaining momentum as export leaders. Gain insights into the key markets that hold significant importance for Serbia’s trade. Assess Serbia’s potential competitive strengths and pinpoint markets where Serbia is establishing a stronger presence than might be expected.

  • What machinery and equipment are at the forefront of Serbia’s exports to its number one trade partner, Germany?”
  • Is Serbia broadening its agricultural horizons by shifting fruit and vegetable exports from Russia to other European landscapes?


Your lens into the interest rates on loans granted to private sector, tailored to diverse business needs. Whether you’re a mid-sized enterprise seeking a decade-long investment loan in euros, or a small company optimizing your working capital in dinars for a shorter term, CreditWatch offers a historical and current view of the rates that matter to you.

  • What interest rate might a company with 70 employees anticipate when seeking a seven-year loan plan to invest in a EUR 100k CNC machine?
  • At what rate could a small, family-owned business secure a one-year loan to purchase the necessary raw materials to ramp up production and meet the demands of a new buyer?

Labor Market Navigator

This tool offers a comprehensive overview of employment and salary trends across Serbia’s municipalities and sectors. Gain a panoramic perspective on labor market shifts. Delve into the evolution of employment in urban versus rural areas, and compare the labor market developments across various degrees of municipal development. Assess the impact of regional policies on local job availability and wage levels; identify which sectors lead in job creation and salary growth, and which are falling behind.

  • Are you curious about the trajectory of average wages in the ICT sector? Or is that common knowledge – and what about the manufacturing sector? Are wages keeping pace with productivity there?
  • Or, have there been increases in jobs, earnings, and productivity in municipalities that have seen significant inflows of foreign direct investment?

Private Sector Profiler

Assess the structure of Serbia’s private sector, spotlighting sectors with significant contributions to gross value added and revenue. Examine the business complexity by reviewing sector productivity. Explore the economic framework of municipalities to identify leading industries and their sectoral configurations.
  • What sectors pose the greatest challenges for new businesses, and which ones are open for competitive entry and entrepreneurship?
  • Which municipalities show concentration in certain industries, and which exhibit a varied economic structure?

BizMap: Explore & Connect

Set out on a quest with our BizMap tool to discover companies that match your specific financial and operational criteria. Perfect for financial institutions, donors, ministries, suppliers, or buyers, this platform allows you to fine-tune your search with precise size, geographic, and performance filters. The added bonus of direct contact details turns data into potential partnerships.

  • Are you a donor seeking to empower women entrepreneurs? Easily pinpoint micro-businesses in Southern Serbia led by women.
  • A financial entity in search of modestly sized companies with minimal debt in rural areas?
  • Or a buyer scouting for export-driven manufacturers of fabricated metals in Central Serbia?

Utilize BizMap to explore the business landscape and establish valuable connections.